nie wieder bohren:

The original Technology was developed by Ernst-Georg Ortwein in 2000 in Germany. For a long time he had been annoyed by the lack of a strong, quick, clean alternative to drilling for attaching objects to high-quality surfaces like tile or natural stone. Above all, he wanted a method that was reversible.

He considered the enormously strong, elastic and non-rotting single-component adhesives employed in the aircraft and automotive industries. The main barrier for use was the long curing times and requirement for the adhesive to be exposed to humidity needed for hardening. Ortwein had the following idea: use an adapter to mediate between the adhesive and the object to be attached! The adapter would have to allow air to pass through and be very strong. Today his adapter is a mature product with international patents.

In November 2005, the Ortwein family sold the business with the new hole-free attachment technology to the newly founded nie wieder bohren (translation: no drilling required). Today nie wieder bohren owns over 40% market share in the DIY Bath Accessory market in Germany and sell their products in 9 countries.

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